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DIY: How to Build a Facebook Page for Business

What you’ll need to set up your Facebook Page: A name for your Page and a blurb about your business, A profile photo and cover photo, & The action you want people to take when they come to your Page

drone picture of downtown city landscape

1. Your Page name can be your business name or another name that people may search for to find your business. Use the About section to tell people a little bit about what your business does.  Remember: the first 120 characters of your About section appear in Google searches for your business. 2. Choose photos that best represent your business. Properly sizing your photos is crucial.  Profile pic (the square one) should be 170 pixels by 170 pixels, but test the photo because on mobile it displays at 128 pixels by 128 pixels.  Cover pic should be 851 pixels by 315 pixels and no larger than 100kb.  Test this image on both desktop and mobile.  Try not to put any "crucial" part of the image near the borders, because the image will display at 640x360 on mobile.  In old printing terms, think of leaving a "safety" around the edge. 3. At the top of your Page you can add a call-to-action that directs your Page visitors to do something, like visit your website or call your store. Adding a call-to-action button is as easy as a few clicks. Watch for our future blog where we tell you how to set a custom url/username, and verify your page with Facebook! Contact us if you have any questions!

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