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Vertical Video outperforms landscape and square video

Previous 2017 studies showed that square video (1:1) results in 30-35 percent more video views and an 80-100 percent increase in engagement compared to landscape video (16:9).

And now current research shows that vertical video outperforms square and landscape video in all placements: Facebook and Instagram, in both news feed and stories.

As a side note, why does any of this even matter? According to a recent report from Nielsen, U.S. adults are spending 10 hours and 24 minutes per day interacting with media, whether that be watching, listening to, or reading content across all of their devices.

3 important video marketing takeaways

1. Facebook News Feed: Use vertical video to drive traffic

In all of the experiments conducted, vertical video outperformed square video within the Facebook News Feed by a significant margin: 68 percent.

2. Instagram Feed vs. Stories: Stories are a great way to inspire action

When looking at the Instagram Feed vs. Stories, Instagram Stories outperformed News Feed by 50-57 percent regarding Action by user.

3. Instagram News Feed: Use vertical video to generate engagement

The final big takeaway from the research is that the Instagram Feed is a powerful platform for driving engagement when compared to Facebook (News Feed & Stories) and Instagram Stories… almost too good: by 70 percent.

But which format drives more engagement within the Instagram Feed? Turns out it’s vertical video!

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